The Challenge

Ivanti UK Limited is a world and industry-leading IT software company dedicated to providing top solutions for unified endpoint management, service management, cybersecurity, and more. Ivanti was in a growth period, looking to expand their market in EMEA.

Makris Marketing helps Ivanti from a growth marketing perspective, creating and managing campaigns. This includes email drip, content syndication and nurture, paid media, and bothe in-person and virtual events, to raise brand awareness in the market, and convert inquiries into marketing qualified leads

Strategy and Results

Using multiple campaign types targeting specific personas and industries across Ivanti's wide range of product solutions, Makris Makretin helped to grow the client's market share in the area, increasing brand awareness, and hitting globally pushed inquiry and marketing qualified lead targets every quarter.
  • Events: manage and execute both in-person and virtual events for client. Makris worked with a team to execute successful events on topics such as IT service management, and zero trust security, from the creation of the content with speakers, to the post-event attendee analysis.
  • Email: Makris worked with the integrated campaign, and content teams to execute email drip campaigns across Ivanti product solutions and relevant industries in region. These cam,paigns were overseen and managed by Makris, and reports of completed email series' were used to optimise future campaigns
  • Digital: Makris worked with both the internal digital tyeam and third party vednors to manage paid media and content syndication. These leads were then pushed on to nurture.
  • Direct Mail: Makris worked with vendors for client to manage direct mail campaigns, sending physical thank yous and other items to customers to encourage cross-sell opportunities
  • Communication: Makris worked daiulty with the sales organization to identify where there were gaps and created campaigns to fill them