the challenge.

When Rho Motion came to Makris, they had three problems:

  • They were trying to sell to a niche audience.
  • They’d didn’t have the experience to incorporate SEO
  • They were falling behind competitors

Rho Motion provides data and trend research in the electric vehicle industry. They had experts in the field providing industry-leading infographics and whitepapers on the subject. The information Rho Motion sells is top-of-the-line, but as a small business in a mammoth industry, their voice was getting lost in the crowd to bigger, louder, competitors.

When we first met with Rho Motion they outlined their struggles and we came up with a plan of action to implement SEO into their business strategy. Rho Motion wanted something easy to follow, and sustainable. Without any knowledge or SEO expertise internally, Rho Motion was keen to learn, and be able to follow the processes Makris put in place, going forward.

the strategy.

Our first step after initial SEO audit and research of the industry, was finding the appropriate keywords for Rho Motion. Makris Marketing collaborated with the client to find the best keywords to incorporate into content upgrades, net new assets, and metadata. Three seed keyword categories were highlighted:

  • EV database
  • EV charging
  • Battery demand

Using EV database as a seed keyword, we focused on keywords like “electric vehicle database”, “EV database reports”, “electric vehicle database UK,” and more.

Using EV charging as a seed keyword, we focused on keywords like “electric vehicle charging forecast”, “EV charging database reports”, “EV charging forecast UK,” and more.

Using battery demand as a seed keyword, we focused on keywords like “battery demand index”, “EV and battery demand forecasting”, “battery demand database UK,” and more.

Makris Marketing, using data from tools such as SEMrush and Google Search Console, studied the search behavior behind the selected keywords, and optimised website copy and metadata to target those keywords.

Throughout the project, Makris also suggested implementing a content strategy that targeted missing keywords found during keyword gap analysis. Using these seed keywords, Makris then came up with four ways to angle the keywords targeting the do/know search intent model. The goal here was to present the client as eligible for a featured snippet.

We updated the metadata and content for main landing pages. We also audited their backlinks on a monthly basis..

SEO Before Makris Marketing



the results.

Users: +185%

Sessions: +280%

Keywords: +150%

Conversions: +112%

After only 6 months of baseline maintenance SEO, Rho Motion had shot up in the search rankings.

What’s more, after Makris adjusted their keywords to be targeted at their audience, Rho Motion's CTR had massively increased. This is because the traffic now coming to the site was relevant, and therefore more likely to convert.

SEO After Makris Marketing


What Does This Mean For You?

There’s room for SEO at any company. Whether it’s starting with the basics, or improving and maintaining the SEO processes in place.

Oftentimes when it comes to small businesses, they feel like they can’t break into the market. Whether this is due to the novelty of the business or the saturation of the market, small businesses need to put effort toward brand awareness so that they can fall in alongside competitors. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as was the case with Rho Motion. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good the product is - if customers don’t know you exist, they don't know to buy from you in the first place.

Rho Motion fell victim to this exact dilemma. And that is where SEO comes in!

In the face of giants of the industry, coupled with keywords that could mean an entirely different thing (take “EV sales” vs “EV sales forecast”, for instance), targeting the wrong audience, Rho Motion didn’t know how to close the gap. Makris Marketing, using simple SEO practices, was able to help Rho Motion put its name on the map of their industry.

6 months on, and Rho Motion now ranks top of the industry in EV events, EV database, and more. Their traffic and conversions have increased, and using the metadata and content upgrades implemented by Makris, all traffic coming to the site is now relevant.

As with all things business, all it takes to achieve your goals is finding the right strategic fit; this includes your marketing function! Ensuring you’re driving relevant traffic is half the battle.

Contact Makris Marketing today, and we’ll create a sustainable, effective SEO strategy to help you open your digital doors, the right way.

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